Terms of Service

By commissioning me you are agreeing to all the following terms of service.

OC’s and Adoptables
Fanart/Canon Characters and Fan Characters
Anthropomorphic Characters
Pin-ups and Suggestive Imagery
Minor Violence

I MAY Draw
Animals and Feral Characters
Robotic Characters
Commercial Art

Pornography and Nudity
Extreme Fetishes
Extreme Violence
Illicit Drug Use
Mechs and Vehicles
Hurtful Imagery

I reserve the right to refuse a commission if I do not feel comfortable with drawing, or if I do not feel comfortable with the reference material provided. I will refuse your commission if you cannot provide a SFW reference. I do not accept censored references or reference imagery.

I require a reliable e-mail to send your invoice and WIPs. I take payment via PayPal unless discussed otherwise. (If you’re in Australia feel free to ask me about direct deposit) I require the full payment upfront before I begin any work. I will provide an ETA for completion and notify you of any changes to that estimation.

You can only request changes during the sketch phase. Once the sketch has approved any changes will incur a fee. Incorrect markings and colours are exempt from additional fees if a visual reference has been provided, and I have misinterpreted it.

If you don’t have visual reference material for your character I can draw from description, but there are additional terms you must agree to. If you request more than three changes to the sketch an additional fee will be incurred for the time spent making your changes. Please ensure your description includes the most important information about your character, and other visual references such as mood boards, hairstyle references and inspirations are appreciated. Screenshots from character creators such as Heroforge and Picrew creators are also accepted.

I only fully refund work I haven’t started. If I have started work and you request a refund I will refund for the work not completed, and supply proof of my progress for transparency. If you require a refund please contact me as soon as possible for a smooth transaction. I will not negotiate the refund amount.

Use your commission for icons and avatars online as long as I’m credited
Print your commission for personal use
Re-upload your commission to your social medias as long as I’m credited
Re-upload your commission to sites like Toyhouse as long as I’m credited

Mint, Token or Sell your commission for NFT or Cryptocurrency, or involve your commission in NFT or Cryptocurrency in any way
Re-upload your commission without crediting me
Use your commission for icons and avatars online without crediting me
Sell your commission for personal gain or profit
Reproduce your commission in any format
Remove my signature