Costumery: TAFE & Studies


In 2017 I completed my Advanced Diploma of Fashion Design and Merchandising, presenting Andromeda as my final range. My vision was to create red-carped inspired evening wear with a techno-twist: the inclusion of Neopixel LED’s. Each dress features a skirt full of lights, programmed to sync with the song that played during the runway. I also ice-dyed the chiffon. About 90% of this project was done completely from scratch, with the exception of a few patterns I already had in my library that were altered for this range.

Militis Vi

In 2016 I entered the Australasian Young Designer Wool Awards with my military inspired range, Militis Vi. I won first place in the Fantasy and Theatrics category.
Militis Vi, for the most part, was actually inspired by Yacht Club’s game Shovel Knight, namely the character Propeller Knight. He wears a green uniform with puffy pants and gold embellishments. During development I was reminded that I was in a fashion course, and not a costume course, and had to bring things back to the runway. My efforts clearly paid off.

Aedel Yui

In 2016 my final range was a couture-inspired range that utilised wool fabrics and faux fur. I designed a range of winter-themed outfits and constructed a two-piece dress and corset. I was inspired by Met Gala looks and wanted the range to have a luxurious and fresh look, so I took inspiration from photography of snow and icy lakes.