Digital Commissions & Illustrations

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Partner Pokémon illustrations from $175 USD
Get yourself, your character or your favourite character with a partner Pokémon of your choice!

Rendered scenes from $150 USD
Price covers up to 2 characters, extra characters are $40 minimum each.

Outfit designs from $45 USD
Put my fashion degree to good use and let me design your character, or your favourite character, an outfit in a style of your choosing.

Icons from $40 USD | Linked icons from $80 USD
Need an icon for social media? I’ve got you covered!

Chibis from $40 USD (Flats) | $70 USD (Shaded)
Cute little chibis of your characters! Price is per character.

Full body illustrations from $40 USD (Flats) | $70 USD (Shaded)
Dramatic full body illustrations. Price is per character.

Music inspired illustrations from $100 USD
Send me a song or playlist to draw inspiration from! Mostly artistic liberty, small changes only.

Pokémon Team commissions from $250 USD
Yourself or your character with an entire team of Pokémon!

If you’d like something that isn’t listed (eg. chibi illustration with a background, multi-character illustration, etc.) please contact me via and I’ll provide a quote. Commission prices are subject to change based on character and scene complexity, changes requested and time frames provided.